Sometimes beginnings are slow. That's ok.

This site has been up for quite awhile. With a blog on it. Waiting. Waiting. Waiting...

"I don't know how to make a post"..."What if what I write is 'stupid'?"..."Yes, I'll do it tomorrow"..."Not feeling it today"...

and on and on. 

The first excuse is fear of what it means about me if I am not able to figure it out. 

The second is perfectionism, an attribute I execute almost perfectly. (bad me-not perfect!)

The third is my old pal procrastination, which is founded on the others.

The last is fear of stepping out and being seen. Or all of the above. 

Well, I made a promise to make a first post and here it is. Its a long time coming. 

Its a lo-o-o-ng time coming.  Not completely sure how to publish it.  And its not, most likely, the most profound post I’ll make. And I wasn’t feeling it when I started. But its done andit’s a start.

Sometimes the journey begins with only a micro step. Because that’s what you’ve got. If you add a few of them together, they add up. And…sooner than you think, you’re on your way. You've begin a journey you didn't think you could take and its no longer a big deal.

What are you stuck on that would make a difference for you? What are a few micro steps that would count as a start?