Every. Person. Matters.

Step into Your Resonant Action.


Our world is so oriented around Do-Do-Do-ing. It runs us down, runs us ragged and often leaves us with no time to reflect on next actions, priorities and directions. It makes life feel like Do-Do. 

What many of us need is some “Be-time.”  Our sessions bring that Be time on a regular basis and helps you to live your life as your best self. 

I believe that we all have super powers, combinations of our strengths, skills and passions. 

My super power is seeing yours. 


how it works

You can best find out how it works through a complimentary sample session. The above link offers a few hints though, so check it out!


who i work with

My clients vary quite a bit. Click above to see a few words about some of them.

Leaders who need a confidential sounding board.

Women Who Lead and welcome a supportive masculine voice who believes Women Belong At the Top.

People Pleasing Do-ers, who feel like something’s missing and want to explore what that could be.