Do-ers, in need of some time and space to Be.

Reflection improves action.


You’ve been promoted and risen on the basis of Who You Are and How You Show Up.

And now you’re in a room filled with secret handshakes and silent agreements.

And what got your here no longer feels welcome. You’re slowly shutting down. Being silenced.

Your voice is needed. Businesses that have a range of voices in leadership perform better than those dominated by one group. In working together, we will expand your voice and help you know the territory you’re in and the territory you want to create, in service of your self, your firm and your world.


Its lonely at the top. No one gives you a manual to figure this stuff out. 

You’re figuring how to do the job and to manage

Bad news: I don’t know the answers.

Good news: I help you find the answers that are right for you

exhausted Do-Do-Do-ers:

Are you a people pleaser who can’t say no?

Do you feel responsible for Everything?

Do you sometimes think, “There’s got to be a better way?”

Together, we’ll step out of the Do-Do

We’ll explore choices that are right for you and enrich your understanding of what sustains you.

You’ll move from Do-Do to Do-Be-Do-Be-Do and dance with possibility in your work and your life.


You didn’t sign up to be every job in the book, did you?

I have 26 years as a small business owner, and MBA and experience teaching entrepreneurship. 

I help you expand your awareness and set priorities, define goals and hold you compassionately accountable.


You know who you are. 

There are things you haven't said to anyone. That you can't say out loud, even to yourself. 

In our coaching relationship, you have a confidential partner where you can say what's hard, get curious about possibility, and in me, you have a champion that cheers you on to the life you want.

“I want to thank you for our conversation. It made me aware of what I was feeling, and accepting of where I am. That conversation helped me to see that what I want to do is just there for me to seize. Our one conversation helped me take control of my life.”
— AJ. -Millenial Superdude